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Project White House 2012: From the Mind of Simon Bollander

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We love democracy, so we're offering Arizona Presidential Primary candidates the opportunity to share their views here on The Range. Today, we're sharing the unedited perspective of Simon Bollander, Republican candidate for President.

Simon Bollander the adminstrator of Worlds Masterminds is extremely upset in the way our Country is managed. You will not believe this I Love the law proffession & if I had a second life I would be an attorney. Law is fun & is the foundation of our great country. But when it comes to our country being violated by our Congress that is of 70 percent of law degrees. Im very angry.

Our Congress has created a deficit that is literally destroying our precious American system. Run a way spending is an insult to the American people. Example: Obama gives away hundreds of billions to give away programs to unemployed/banks/ large wall street firms etc. Instead of creating massive job programs that would create a healthy system.a Healthy Employment base would generate income by payroll taxes/ taxes paid on consumer goods Perchased/ income taxes etc. Congress & the Presidencey is so mismanaged that I scream in vain. " for God Sakes America can't you see the problem we have". That is lawyers "can't manage or lead us to a productive economy. Da! Maybe they haven't learned through there schooling is how to manage a trillion dollar budjet. Or create the accountability of bringing in revenue to erase our multi trillion dollar debt. They don't know what to do. Yes! they make laws after laws. Yes they have congessional hearings. They are dam good at these 2 things. But thats it. That all they know in what to do. Its like asking a plumber to fix aCar engine.

Get the picture. Now what we must do is bring to light this problem. Create legislature to have committees to arrange in how to replace Congress men & women. We need our Universities to produce in mass. Top Marketing experts/business majors/ economic majors to eventually work into our system. A good act to follow is possably assigning one of these experts to be affixed to a given Congress member. Eventually our system will bend in recuiting this element to the political parties to be elected into office. More or less what we would have is a well trained individual acting as a consultant with each member of Congress.They would attend all functions of the Congress persons business life. A fix on the system would take approximetly Four years. What I can see immediately is an approach to balance out the budjet to perfection. Eliminate runaway spending by massive program cuts/ creative finiance such as international lotteries/creation of income by selling or leasing land properties/ Create more tariffs on china/ expand tariff base/ Government housing & industry on the few hundred closed military bases. I could go on four hours on what we could do. But let that area of concern up to the trained consultants hired to create this mode.

This entire process in where Government has to be Productive is entitled The "GREEN COALITION".
Part of this coalition is that there are candidates who don't have law degress that have some excellent brain power. At this moment we have 10 candidates or more on the Republican ticket That are labeled as unknowns. They are labeled unknowns because the political parties shut these American citizens down. Not invited to debated media events nor any rallies. There rights are being violated to the highest of degree. There freedom of movement is totally shut down. When the American voter is deprived to see or hear a potential elected official with a valid campain program. Both the American voter & potential elected official are being violated to a
Point of down right tryrany. These are grounds for the highest Court of Law to behold such & rule on such. Then with due process set forth the plaintiffs would receive an amount of 100 million dollars for injuries of being deprived of getting elelcted into office. Then too/ there civil rights of free speech & freedom of movement become restored. Submitted in the best of faith on this 10th day of February in the great year of 2012. The year that the mayan calender goes bust.

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