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Steve Leal: 'Tucson Deserves a National Search for PCC Chancellor'

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Former Tucson City Councilman Steve Leal takes a different look at what is currently happening at Pima Community College and the agenda being presented to the governing board at tonight's meeting to place Suzanne Miles in that position:

Very good story in the morning daily regarding the sweetheart deal that Pima Community College Chancellor Roy Flores and the Pima Community College Board of Governors gave Flores' high school buddy, Mr. Crnokrak.

Interesting, the paper did a freedom of information request on a Thursday regarding the contract, and on Friday, Flores said he was resigning. Pure coincidence?

It’s also common knowledge that Suzanne Miles knew about Crnokrak’s sweetheart deal. She is Flores' stunt double, hand picked. He wants to place her in his position on his way out. This way nothing changes.

As for the few positive comments regarding Crnokrak from some administrators, for instance, Pima College West Pres. Louis Albert, who stated what he learned from Crnokrak was impressive, and Pima College Dean Mary Beth Ginter who thought Crnokrak was sort of down to earth. Was she referring to the offensive e -mails that others were disgusted by?

The Chief Financial Officer David Bea looked the other way to please Flores and Miles with regard to circumventing the procedures to give Crnokrak over $300,000. Tucsonans paid higher tuition to grease cronyism.

It’s common to see this kind of pandering in a climate of fear and retaliation.

Flores and Miles have created that dysfunctional atmosphere. Its disturbing to know that over 50 skilled administrators have left Pima because of Flores and Miles actions. The people of Tucson deserve a national search that is not rigged.

There needs to be significant change regarding the Board of Governors and the administration at Pima College. They have hijacked the mission Tucsonans gave the college regarding the Open Enrollment policy. Apparently they have also become so brazen that they think Pima College is their play thing to do what they want and not be held accountable.

If Miles is made interim chancellor, good potential candidates will not apply, because they will see the position is wired for her. Then a small pool of average candidates applies. Miles is happy, Flores wins. Nothing changes.

Flores and Miles and some of the college board members see the community rallying to change the board to regain community control. They are trying to head the train off at the pass before the upcoming election and put Miles in place. This can not be allowed to happen. The board of governors needs to refuse to drink the Kool-Aid and rise to the occasion.

Some of the Board members know they were elected to do right by the people of Tucson, and not simply be the enablers to corruption and malfeasance.

Right now the board only knows what Flores and Miles want. If you want to share your thoughts with them use the contact info below. The board meets tonight at the District Office Community Board Room, 4905 E. Broadway at 7 p.m. On the agenda is a motion to appoint Miles as the new PCC chancellor.

From the agenda:

The Chancellor is requesting that the Governing Board approve his retirement effective December 31, 2012, in accordance with the terms set forth in his letter to the Governing Board dated February 2, 2012.

11. Chancellor Appointment and Employment: Suzanne Miles ς It is recommended that Dr. Suzanne Miles be offered a contract of employment as Chancellor of Pima Community College to commence upon the first day that Dr. Roy Flores is no longer serving as Chancellor, which date is anticipated to be, and shall be no later than, January 1, 2013, and continuing through and including June 30, 2014.

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