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City Council Steve Kozachik To AZ Sen. Al Melvin: "Evidently, the Heavy Winter Rains Have Been Good for the Poppy Crop Up in SaddleBrooke"

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Ward 6 Councilman Steve Kozachik has a new target: state Sen. Al Melvin, who has sponsored Senate Concurrent Memorial 1005, calling for the city of Tucson to "refrain from negative rhetoric" about the Rio Nuevo Board and asking "the Arizona Attorney General and the Federal Bureau of Investigation [to] continue their investigation and review of civil and criminal violations of the law" regarding the funds spent on Rio Nuevo while it was under the city's control.

Here's Steve K's letter to Atomic Al:

Dear Senator Melvin:

How nice to receive your Concurrent Memorial. Evidently the heavy winter rains have been good for the poppy crop up in Saddlebrook.

Although you note both the full House and Senate as signatory, I see only your name attached so I will assume you're flying solo on this one.

The last letter I saw coming from you to this area was way back in December, 2010 when you told the Rio Nuevo Board to refrain from coming to terms with the City of Tucson so the Attorney General could "send down a probe" on the City. Shortly after your having sent that instruction, the Board voted in favor of working with the City. It is unfortunate that enough members who were serious about developing a working relationship either left, or were removed from the Board. The agreement to work together expired and has resulted in a $47 million Notice of Intent to sue the taxpayers of this region being filed.

Allow me to share some facts about which you were evidently not briefed prior to issuing your Memorial:

a) Your Board acknowledged to the Auditor General that it was committed to investing in the rehabilitation of the Primary Component of the District - the Tucson Convention Center.

b) Your Board has in excess of $4 Million combined between 2008 Bonds, and 2009 Certificates of Participation that can only be used for the TCC.

c) Your Board reported on it's most recent annual budget that it has over $10 Million "cash on hand"

d) Your Board requested and received $10 Million cash wired into its account in August of last year.

e) Your Board has spent in excess of $1 Million on attorney's fees since its inception, and no new money on the Primary Component, or on any other tangible asset within the District.

f) TIF revenues have increased consistently on a monthly basis for over a year.

Clearly, there is money available to accomplish that which you exhort the parties to achieve.

Now, at the request of the Tucson City Council, your Board is engaged in mediation with the City of Tucson with the stated intent of finding a way forward in this relationship. The demands made in that forum by your Board have been excessive and reflect bad faith bargaining.

Your Board continues to issue Press Releases to a list of poached email addresses to City of Tucson constituents, the nature of which are both sophomoric, and that severely challenge credulity.
Given those last two facts, you might want to consider redrafting your Memorial and request that your Board begin to bargain in good faith, and that your Board refrain from what you call "negative rhetoric."

Thank you for again weighing in on this important relationship. As the sole Republican on the Tucson City Council I am honored that you have shown a direct interest in this region of the State. I am equally honored to have been able in this letter to update you on some of the facts surrounding the financial status of your Board.

The failure of your Board to advance our relationship appears to date back to your previous letter of December of 2010. We on the Tucson City Council remain committed to effectively serving the needs of the constituents of this area. Your letter, and now your Memorial have been less than helpful in that endeavor.

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