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How To Make Hashish With A Turkey Roasting Bag

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Harold Potts made this batch of hashish from a small pile of kief in 30 minutes.
  • J.M. Smith
  • Harold Potts made this batch of hashish from a small pile of kief in 30 minutes.

If you've been smoking all the kief (powdery pollen and/or resin particles from marijuana plants) that collects in your MMJ grinder, stop right there. There's a better use for it. You can make hashish in less than half an hour from a turkey roasting bag, paper and cellophane tape. Yes, hashish. Here's how Tucson MMJ patient Harold Potts did it during a recent demonstration at Tumbleweeds Health Center:

1. Preheat. Set your oven on 325 degrees.

2. Get some kief. For daily use, get an MMJ grinder with a screened compartment on the bottom. Kief gradually accumulates in the grinder compartment until you have enough for a batch of hash. Harold made a few grams from about half a cigarette's worth of kief. You can also get several ounces of kief from the trimmings after an MMJ bud harvest - something many growers have traditionally considered waste. Just break up the leaves and stems into small pieces (freezing it first helps), then sift the kief through a 155 micron silk screen.

3. Make envelopes. Cut a cellophane turkey roasting bag into sheets of cellophane. Fold the cellophane and tape it to make envelopes of whatever size you want your hashish bricks. Fill the envelopes with kief, and tape them shut.

4. Cover the envelopes with paper. Wrap the cellophane envelopes in wet paper, and tape them again. Put two layers of wet paper on each envelope, taping after each layer.

5. Bake for 10 minutes. Not that kind of bake, silly.

6. Roll. Take the packets out of the oven, and roll them briefly with a rolling pin.

7. Get the packets wet again. Just run them under a faucet for a few seconds.

8. Bake for 10 more minutes.

9. Enjoy. Unwrap the packets and store the highly potent meds for future use. Er, keep one out to smoke now ;)

As Harold so gleefully put it, "I never thought 10 years ago I'd be standing here teaching a hash class."

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