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Presidential Candidate Sarah Gonzales: "After Seeing Who Else Applied From the Republican Party, I Think I Have a Shot"

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Presidential candidate Sarah Gonzales: Some of these ideas might be too specific ... but Im pretty sure it makes more sense than 999.
  • Presidential candidate Sarah Gonzales: "Some of these ideas might be too specific ... but I'm pretty sure it makes more sense than 999."

Sarah Gonzales, the only woman on the Republican presidential primary in Arizona, explains why she decided to run for president:

I am recently unemployed and in the process of applying for jobs. I saw the job for POTUS in the Weekly so I figured I better not pass up the opportunity. After my last experience, I really like the idea of being my own boss.

I took a look at the application and thought aloud: “This is it?!” Seriously, it’s the easiest job application I have ever filled out. AND I can also see who else applied for the job! I totally know my competitors!

After seeing who else applied from the Republican Party, I think I have a shot.

Anyway, my car is getting pretty old and I heard Air Force One comes with the job, too. There seem to be some outstanding benefits. Aside from the perks, I know I will have to make some tough decisions that affect a lot of people. I'm a pretty good listener, though, and feel confident I could get this country going in the right direction.

Some of my thoughts include:

• End all wars.
Bring the veterans home.
Use the money for job training and physical, mental wellness

• Use more of the money for education.
Pay teachers more.
Fund arts education.
Fund physical education.

• Tear down the border wall.

• Make bigger strides in solar energy.

• Veto the Keystone pipeline.

• Crack down on "white collar crime"
Use money from their assets to assist small and locally owned businesses.
Use money to investigate and exonerate all non-guilty prisoners on death row/lifers

• End the death penalty.

• Begin the process of freeing prisoners, using money from the white collar criminals to fund job training, education and mental wellness.

• Make private prisons illegal.

• Close Gitmo. For real this time.

• Make detention centers for immigrants and migrants illegal.

• Give Native Nations the right to their own judicial systems.

These ideas might be too specific and some of them might be under state/local government control but I’m pretty sure it makes more sense than 999.

Sarah’s Bio:

I do lots of things. I've lived in Tucson for 12 years. I got my Masters degree from the UA. I worked for 8 years at a place that recently eliminated my position.

So now I'm working as a volunteer with youth and poetry and doing some consulting through my diversity consulting business while I figure out a more definitive next step.

I can sing, dance and slam poetry so if there is a talent portion to the POTUS process I will be super excited. I think there is room for at least some karaoke or Just Dance with the Kinect.

I’m originally from Oklahoma and I got my Bachelors degree in Sociology from there. I worked at Duke University previously. My background is in social justice education and I have trained thousands of adults and youth on issues related to making our world a more just place. I met President Clinton. I get most of my news from the Daily Show, Saturday Night Live, Democracy Now and posts my facebook friends share. And now I can say I once ran for President of the United States. Booyah.

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