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Big Trouble for Project White House

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Might Jimmy McMillan run for president in Arizona? We'll find out Monday!

It's the same old story: Forces in the state of Arizona are out to squash the voice of the little guy. The Arizona Secretary of State is telling potential candidates for Project White House 2012 that they are ineligible to run for president simply because they don't belong to the political party whose nomination they are seeking.

Why do they all hate Democracy so much? What do they fear?

This was not a problem in 2008; Sean "CF" Murphy, for one, was able to run as a Republican even though he's a Democrat. And he wasn't the only one. (Sadly, Mr. Murphy simply doesn't have the fire in his belly for another run this year.)

But in 2012, courageous voices like his are being silenced because powerful people have declared that unless you're a Republican, you won't be able to seek the Republican nomination. Unless you're a Green, you won't be able to seek the Green nomination. And, of course, the Democrats dropped out from the primary altogether. Are they afraid that someone in Arizona could upstage Barack Obama?

We cannot answer these questions (and our consultation with the Project White House legal team suggests we have little recourse in the courts), but we can tell you that many of our candidates—people like Al Perry and Paul Benjamin—have taken the step of re-registering as Republicans so that they might run in Project White House.

We just hope this doesn't create a barrier that prevents Jimmy McMillan of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party from qualifying for the ballot. Mr. McMillan called Project White House yesterday to tell us he planned to run here in Arizona and we warned him that he'd have to become a Republican to do it. He said that he would make the switch—that's how much he loves this country.

And you, citizen, can do the same thing, but time runs short. You only have until 5 p.m. Monday to get your application in to the Arizona Secretary of State's Office. You can file it in Phoenix or here in Tucson, at the local branch of the Secretary of State's Office at 400 W Congress St, suite 504.

So do your part. Join a party and then join the party that is Project White House. Help fix this great nation today! You'll find the details here.

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