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Bachmann Quits Presidential Race

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In the wake of the Iowa caucuses, Michele Bachmann announced today that she is no longer a presidential candidate. We'd imagine that Rick Perry will be the next to drop out, although he's making noises about staying in on Twitter today.

It's interesting (to us at least) that Bachmann never filed to run in Arizona. Nor has Perry or Newt Gingrich. We don't know if that means they're just not very serious about this presidential campaign thing, or if they don't have anyone in the state to warn them that they only have until Monday to get their paperwork in.

It appears to us that Mitt Romney now has the entire thing wrapped up, even though only about one-fourth of the Republican voters really want him as their nominee. The opposition is just too scattered (or scattered-brained, in the case of Perry.)

Gingrich had an interesting point about Romney's low level of support in the GOP on Laura Ingraham's radio show:

Rick (Santorum) and I have a 20-year friendship, we are both rebels, we both came into this business as reformers, we both dislike deeply the degree to which the establishment sells out the American people. We both think Washington has to be changed in very fundamental ways, and we have lots of things that fit together. And the thing that's interesting is if you take the votes, you add to that Perry and Bachmann, you begin to see the size of the conservative vote compared to Romney...if you take, you know, Santorum and Perry and Bachmann and Gingrich you get some sense of what a small minority Romney really represents.

There is one chance that Romney could be in trouble: If a fresh face rises here in Arizona as part of Project White House. You still have time to get your application to run for president here, but you have to get your application in to the Arizona Secretary of State's Office by 5 p.m. Monday.

Details on how you can claim your spot on the ballot—and in history—here!

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