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Idiot Boksen: Too Much Good Stuff

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There's too much great television to watch. I can't keep up. I'll show you: Here's the AV Club's list of The top 30 shows on television this year. This list does not include shows like South Park or The Colbert Report or The Office, all of which have been pretty terrific over the last 12 months. I mean, South Park, one of the most influential and groundbreaking shows in television history, possibly had its best season ever this year. Not on the list.

Of those 30 shows, I am up-to-date—meaning I've seen every episode—with eight of them. I'm behind on three (Boardwalk Empire, Homeland, and Treme), and there are nine others (including a widely-praised season of Justified), I'd love to watch, but haven't even started.

I mean, that is a LOT of television, and there are new shows popping up all the time. I've only seen the premiere of HBO's Luck, and I'm already hooked. I'd like to go back and watch Battlestar Galactica someday, but when?

This is why I don't understand people who just sit and channel surf. To me, TV is not a mindless diversion any more. It's as engaging as reading. Hell, it even involves reading, because I usually read the recaps and analysis on sites like TV Club, Television Without Pity, or this hilarious guy named Gabe over at Videogum. I'd rather read his recaps of The Walking Dead than actually watch the show.

It's not just TV. On a drive to California over Christmas, I listened to six episodes of Mark Maron's WTF, an amazing podcast in which Maron frankly interviews standup comedians for about an hour and a half. It's fascinating and insightful, but there are 246 episodes.

And there are games! There's Football Manager 2012, and NBA 2k12 and Battlefield 3 and Infinity Blade II and Skyrim. There are probably at least 400 websites I would love reading that I don't even know about, and I'm not even getting into all the books I hope to get around to.

The point is, there is always something wonderful to watch or read or hear or play, and what's frustrating is so much of it is so damn good. My life is beginning to feel like one tightly wound ball of entertainment, and I'm beginning to think it's driving me insane. First world problems, indeed.

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