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The Great Cover Up Lineup Is Here! The Great Cover Up Lineup Is Here!

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If you haven't already decided to go to one or more nights of The Great Cover Up this weekend, I'm sorry that you make bad decisions that negatively affect your happiness and hope that one day you will realize the error of your ways.

Otherwise, if you are smart and good looking (like all Great Cover Up attendees are), the schedule of which bands are being covered when — for your planning needs — is below the cut.

Thursday, December 15th at PLUSH (Doors 7pm; 21 & Over)

Time: Covered Band:
7:45p Pavement
8:15 The Everly Brothers
8:45 John Lennon
9:15 Steely Dan
9:45 David Bowie
10:15 Weezer
10:45 Os Mutantes
11:15 Motley Crue
11:45 XTC
12:15a Heaven at 27
12:45 Bauhaus

BANDS PERFORMING: Muddy Bug, Faster Than Light, The Swigs, Young Mothers, Early Black, Genevieve & The LPs, Still Life Telescope, Jeremy Michael Cashman, The Monitors, Shaun Harris, The Distortionists

Friday, December 16th at CONGRESS (Doors @ 6:30; 21 & Over)

Time: Covered Band:
LOBBY Lullabies
7:00p Jethro Tull
7:30 King Crimson
8:00 Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven
8:30 Eric Clapton
9:00 Joe Satriani
9:30 Gin Blossoms
10:00 The Arcade Fire
10:30 The Zombies
11:00 TV Theme Songs
11:30 Aerosmith
12:00a The Clash
12:30 Mariah Carey
1:00 Van Morrisson

BANDS PERFORMING: Crosscut Saw, Gabriel Sullivan, Some Of Them Are Old, Shrimp Chaperone, Marianne Dissard, Emergency Broadcast System, Cameron Hood, Flagrante Delicto, The David Clark Band, Spacefish, Fish Karma, Ferrodyne, DJPJ, Ryan Green


Time: Covered Band:
1:00p Wings
1:30 Pearl Jam
2:00 Cyndi Lauper
2:30 Radiohead
3:00 Joan Jett
3:30 The Cramps
4:00 Brain Damage Orchestra
4:30 Bob Marley

BANDS PERFORMING: The Gunrunners, Affirming the Consequent, Planet Jam, The Wayback Machine, Smallvox, Peaks, Run-On Sunshine, Jumper

DAYTIME SATURDAY: RIALTO (Doors @ Noon; All ages)

Time: Covered Band:
12:30p Mississippi Fred McDowell
1:00 Grand Funk Railroad
1:30 Paul Simon
2:00 Evanescence
2:30 Little Richard
3:00 Son House
3:30 Ryan Adams
4:00 L7
4:30 Madonna
5:00 Tom Petty

BANDS PERFORMING: Alisha Peru, Sugar Stains, Funky Bonz, Christopher Stevens, Roman Barten-Sherman, Boreas, Katie Haverly, Gaza Strip, WORM, The Good Little Thieves

Saturday, December 17th at RIALTO (Doors @ Noon; All ages)

Time: Covered Band:
7:00p ABBA
7:30 Nirvana
8:30 Alice In Chains
9:00 Bukowski
9:30 Traveling Wilburys
10:00 Wilco
10:30 A Perfect Circle
11:00 ELO
11:30 The Beach Boys
12:00a Earth, Wind, and Fire
12:30 New Orleans Funeral Procession
1:00 Cheap Trick
1:30 Black Eyed Peas

BANDS PERFORMING: Doctor Dinosaur, 8 Minutes To Burn, Seashell Radio/Modeens, Al Perry Leila Lopez, The Awkward Moments, Krista Khrome's Feed, The Tryst, Sergio Mendoza, American Android, The Jons, Monster Pussy, The Wyatts

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