Monday, December 12, 2011

They're Back: Election Integrity Activists Head Back to Court

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According to a press release issued Friday by election integrity activist John Brakey, Tucson attorneys Bill Risner and Ralph Ellinwood head back to court to carrying on the election integrity battle over the RTA election ballots and more on Monday, Dec. 12, Judge Kyle Bryson’s Courtroom, fifth floor, Pima County Superior Court, 110 W. Congress:

Since 2006 we’ve won 3 major cases[1] so far revealing how the process in Pima County works despite the county spending over a million dollars to block public records access. We filed this case several years ago to actually fix the problems found in the public records cases. More on this case here: “When A Court Is Presented With Evidence That Election Results May Have Been Tampered With, Does The Court Have Equitable Jurisdiction To Fashion Prospective Relief To Protect The Purity Of Future Election Results?”[2]

This particular case went into a coma about two years ago when Judge Harrington said that he couldn't order fixes to the election process no matter how obvious or severe the problems are.[3], [4] Well now the appeals and state SUPREME court said “not so fast” — we do have a right to ask a court to reform a broken election system regardless of what loopholes remain in state law. And that means GAME ON, before a new local judge.

In this first hearing before the new judge, we’re asking for something fairly simple: we want our money back on the 2 years of ballot storage fees racked up during our SUCCESSFUL APPEAL. In other words, the county used bad arguments to get us tossed, the previous judge tossed us out, and that cost $2,000 a year just to keep the most critical evidence (the damn ballots!) out of the shredder. That’s $4k we should now be able to spend on depositions and the like. We could use it — but more importantly, this “opening issue” for the new judge will tell us a lot about where his head and biases are. PLEASE, we need a big presence to show that this is a critical case and “we the people” are paying attention and we expect the judge to do the same.

Longer term, we're going to prove that election databases have been destroyed, election laws have been violated, our votes have been hacked and the voting systems we use are a tragic mess from both a technical and procedural standpoint. We're going to ask the court to order reforms that could serve as a model for the whole country when it come to the dangers of electronic voting.

Resolution on Election Integrity by Bill Risner and passed by AZ State Democratic Party[5]:

By our estimate the Pima County Board of Supervisors has spent more than $1.3 million on BS defenses fighting “We the People” over core issues relating to the foundation of our democracy. And if you’re reading this and saying “well, what about the hand count done by the Arizona Attorney General Goddard?” please read Significant Discrepancies in Comparison of RTA hand count Results by AZ AG,[6] a report by Ellen Theisen of Voters

I ask you, when does the cover-up become another crime?

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