Friday, December 9, 2011

This Kind of Weather Calls for a Hot Toddy

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In my homeland of Wisconsin, where it is often cold enough to freeze wild animals solid, nobody drinks hot toddies. This has always seemed like an enormous missed opportunity, but up there the drink de riguer is canned beer, and even subthermal temperatures don't change that.

Down here in Arizona, where it gets cold enough to warrant a hot toddy but for a few short months, we have to strike while the iron is hot, or cold, as it were. In the same way that we don fleece jackets and beanies when the temperature dips below 50, I bust out the teapot and liquor at the first hint of a chill. You might consider doing the same.

My favorite recipe this year has been one ounce each of dark rum and ginger liqueur mixed with a tablespoon of honey, a lemon wedge and topped with hot water. The warmth courses through the veins and brings life back to chilled limbs. The liquor hits fast and loosens both mind and tongue. It is an enjoyable experience in every respect, and I strongly recommend mixing one up at your earliest convenience.

That is all.

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