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"Swamp Loggers": The Most Politically Divisive Show on TV

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Experian Simmons (a division of the jerkface company that keeps track of things I "forget" to pay for some reason) conducts an annual survey to find out which TV shows are most and least popular among those of liberal and conservative political ideologies. While many of the results aren't particularly surprising - liberals like The Daily Show and Colbert, conservatives don't! - I didn't know people felt so strongly about the show Swamp Loggers on Discovery, which is the most liked show for conservatives (beating out Top Shot, which is great if you enjoy slow motion shots of stuff exploding in HD) and the least for liberals. They're just guys trying to fight beavers for logs. I'm not sure why that's so polarizing.

Also, it turns out that liberals dislike The Price Is Right, possibly because most of them delegate everyday shopping to their staff and can't be bothered to think about whether the yodeler makes it through the Cliff Hangers game alive.

The most popular shows for liberals and conservatives, from Entertainment Weekly, are below the cut:

— The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report (Comedy Central): As you might expect.
— 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation (NBC): Literate media-savvy comedies score high among Dems in general, notes Experian-Simmons senior marketing manager John Fetto. “Sarcastic humor is always a hook for them,” he adds.
— The View (ABC): Shows that skew female tend to do better among Dems, while male-friendly shows tend to do perform higher among Republicans.
— Glee (Fox)
— Modern Family (ABC): Last year, the progressive Glee and Modern Family scored surprisingly strong among both political leanings. Among conservatives this year, the shows still do fairly well, but have dropped out of their top ranks.
— It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX)
— Treme (HBO): GOP Kryptonite. Not only a Dem favorite, but so unpopular among Republicans that the report scores the show with a “*” because not enough conservatives in the study group had actually watched it.
— Cougar Town (ABC)
— The Late Show With David Letterman and The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson (CBS): Dems favor late-night programming, with one big exception that we’ll see below.

Also in the mix: The Soup (E!), Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Adult Swim), Raising Hope (Fox), Saturday Night Live (NBC), The Office (NBC), Project Runway (Lifetime), Shameless (Showtime), Parenthood (NBC), Conan (TBS).

— Swamp Loggers (Discovery) and Top Shot (History): Gritty documentary-style work-related reality shows on cable index really strongly with conservative Republicans. Swamp Loggers is particularly polarizing.
— The Bachelor (ABC): They also tend to gravitate toward broadcast reality competition shows.
— Castle (ABC): Ranks fairly high among Dems, too.
— Mythbusters (Discovery)
— Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy, American Pickers, Pawn Stars, Swamp People (History): If you’re a Republican candidate looking to raise money, put ads on History.
— The Middle (ABC): Does well among libs, too.
— The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (NBC): “Did you hear about this? Yeah, this is true: Jay Leno is the late-night choice among conservatives… “
— The Biggest Loser (NBC)
— Hawaii Five-O, NCIS, The Mentalist (CBS): Popular crime dramas — except the left-wing Law & Order franchise — tend to draw a conservative crowd.

Also: Dancing With the Stars results show (ABC), Man vs. Wild (Discovery), Auction Kings (Discovery), Wheel of Fortune (syndi), Top Gear (BBC America).

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