Wednesday, December 7, 2011

NORML Outs Feds' MMJ Raid Guidelines

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A read-through of the leaked guidelines used by the California U.S. attorneys to make a federal case against MMJ doesn't really seem to raise the hairs on the back of my neck much.

Despite recent raids and threats for more in California, the guidelines, which were posted Dec. 7 on the NORML blog, are mostly pretty ho-hum. NORML doesn't say where it got the information, which is effectively a checklist the U.S. attorneys use in deciding to prosecute.

The targets appear to be high-volume grow and distribution systems (more than 200 kg - about 500 pounds - per year or with more than 1,000 plants) or those close to schools or in other verboten areas. Involvement in separate crimes, such as money laundering or the use of guns, also can trigger federal involvement, which should come as no surprise.

Considering that there are more than 750,000 MMJ patients in Cali and more than 800 dispensaries in L.A. alone, it seems to me the feds are being pretty tolerant. Lest we forget - every single MMJ dispensary in the nation is in violation of federal law and subject to a raid.

Every time an MMJ operation is raided, people start throwing their arms up in outrage and trashing the federal government for F*cking With The Dream. I think diversion to illegal use is a huge issue for California, so I guess I don't resent the federal government keeping the reins on a bit.

And the system we might someday have here if our fine Gov. Jan would get a clue and allow it, is much more structured than the one in Cali. With more state regulation here, it seems likely that the feds would spend their hard-earned cash cracking down to the west, where dispensaries have propagated faster than Starbuck's.

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