Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tucsonan Occupies YouTube with Occupy God

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Brian Taraz is a local actor, parent and musician with a penchant for what he calls scripture rock inspired by all faiths. He's also a great storyteller you can catch once in a while as part of Odyssey Storytelling. Taraz, unemployed (if you need some tile laid give him a call) was inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement and wished he could be more involved, hard to do when you're helping to raise two kids and look for work. He started the blog Occupy God, a shot of spirituality (his style) he thought the movement could use a bit more of.

The blog quickly focused on a series of videos he recently completed. However, before you freakout because of the word "god", don't rush to judgement. Sure, it may be one of his favorite topics, but he presents his case in a way you've never seen before that's part performance art, spiritual rant and philosophical debate.

When Brian asked what I thought of the final seven videos of his series, I admitted I had become a bit obsessed and was surprised someone like me, whom he'd probably describe as an atheist with a little "believer," could get sucked in. I think it's because his videos remind me of those coffee-infused nights with the college roommates smoking cigarettes and covering almost every topic our twenty-something hearts once cared about — belief, philosophy, love, heartache, music and dreams. Besides the coffee jitters, those nights weren't too bad, were they? So, grab some coffee, and be warned, by the end you'll likely crave a cigarette.

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