Monday, November 21, 2011

People Don't Seem to Like the New 92.9

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While I was no particular fan of the Mountain (as much as I did enjoy the music of Adele before hearing "Rolling in the Deep" every hour or so), the response to Clear Channel's firing of the station's morning show hosts recently and this weekend's format change (which John Schuster referenced in this week's Media Watch) hasn't been terribly positive online:


And there's reason to wonder what Clear Channel was thinking, flipping a station that ostensibly seemed to care about music and the community into a slightly edgier version of Mix 94.9 designed for people who like pop music, but are generally frightened by anything more urban than the Black Eyed Peas. Most of the playlist hasn't changed all that much, so if you're a big fan of "Pumped Up Kicks" or Colbie Callait, you're still set, but some of the new songs that didn't previously appear on the Mountain that are making the rounds on My 92.9 include Katy Perry's "California Gurls", Taylor Swift's "Back to December", and Lady Gaga's "You and I". Definitely not exactly anything you can't hear nearly anywhere else, and almost certainly not the listeners of the Mountain were asking for.

If you think there's a station in the market that's already covering that sort of thing, you're right, since 97.5 plays essentially 80% of the same songs. Most people might have already forgotten that American Idol winner Kris Allen exists, but both 97.5 and 92.1 played his "Live Like We're Dying" already today. Same for Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight" and Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger". Corporate radio will always likely suck, sure, but in an age where I can stream nearly anything I want musically on my phone, computer, or elsewhere on a whim, I'm not entirely sure why Tucson's radio stations seem to be moving to one personality-less blob of dated adult contemporary hits. Why bother programming your radio anymore? Odds are you'll just be subjected to Katy Perry, no matter which button you push.

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