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Addendum to 'Goodbye, Judy Burns'

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As we were going to press yesterday with our cover story Goodbye, Judy Burns, we received a call from a reader asking for more information on the search process that will take place to find a new TUSD governing board member.

The question was: How much authority will TUSD Superintendent John Pedicone have? And because of the political nature in choosing someone to fill an elected post, should Pedicone be allowed to be involved in the process?

So we asked Ricardo Hernandez, the Pima County Schools Superintendent's Office's chief financial officer. He said the process can involve TUSD's superintendent, and it can also involve the remaining governing board members, or both. It depends on what process the board and Pedicone agree on.

No matter who is involved, Hernandez said, there is only one final authority.

"Ultimately, it rests on the (Pima County) superintendent," Linda Arzoumanian, Hernandez told the Range.

OK, so what is the next step we can expect from the TUSD office? We e-mailed Pedicone for further information, and this was his response:

"There are no plans for the Board to make any recommendations at this time. We will be discussing our legal responsibilities on November 8th in executive session, but no further discussions have taken place at this time out of respect for Judy.

The County Superintendent can implement any process she determines for the selection of a replacement. That might include a panel or she could simply select someone. Usually, she will have a discussion with the superintendent
and even board members for input.

That's what I know at this time."

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