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Enhancing Your Home with Potted Gardens - Step 2

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Less is More

When you are planning your potted garden, keep in mind that often “less is more.” You want to make sure you follow my suggestion that I gave you last week with using the biggest pots that fit in the area you are placing them. We highly recommend that you do not plant anything in the sun smaller than an 18” inside diameter. This is so there is enough soil to insulate the roots and hold moisture to keep the plants healthy.

A Trio of Pots creates a lovely focal point
  • A "Trio' of Pots creates a lovely focal point
When putting three pots together, I like to combine a 23” pot with two 19’ pots to make a ‘trio’ of pots. Too often I see people grouping five or more pots together, all less than 14” in diameter.

Your mind and eye will find that one or three pots is much more restful and enjoyable. Also, these larger pots, once placed will be easier to take care of.

We chose Tucson to live and enjoy the outside. I do not want you to become a slave to your pots!!

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