Friday, October 14, 2011

Pima County Republican Party Needs to Work on Phone Skills

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Just got my second phone call of the political season. Last night, it was Jennifer Rawson politely asking for my vote. Today, I got someone significantly less prepared and professional.

My best recollection of the conversation:

ME: Hello?
CALLER: Yes, um, well...can I speak to...I'm calling to conduct a political survey.
ME: Ok.
CALLER: If the election were held today, who would you vote for in the mayor's race? Republican Rick Grinnell, Democrat Jonathan Rothschild, Green Party candidate Mary DeCamp, or have you not yet decided?
ME: I haven't decided.
CALLER: Would you like to come to a free event?
ME: What event? That would be a big part of whether I decide to come.
CALLER: I don't know.
ME: Ok.
CALLER: It's a national camp...
BOTH: [Uncomfortable silence]
CALLER: [Hangs up]

According to my caller ID, the call came from (520) 321-1492...Googling that number takes you to the Pima County Republican Party. Well played, local GOP. Total confusion and hanging up on people you call seems like a solid campaign strategy.

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