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Guess Who's Calling You?

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In the 90s, the internet was still a new concept for people and chat rooms seemed like a good social networking idea... until everyone realized it was a way for old men to creep on underage girls.

This newish millennium brought us Chatroulette (click at your own risk!), which once again...well, do I need to even say what people do on that website?

You would think after these failed random-stranger-meeting electronic chat forums people would get the hint... But I stumbled across Talk O'Clock - "the social alarm service" the other day and I just had to let out a long heavy sigh.

This cell-phone alarm service markets the idea to "Have fun calling someone you don't know to wake him/her up. Who knows, maybe they'll become your new friends." What about that doesn't sound sketchy? Some weirdo calling me and possibly saying something other than "good morning" is not exactly how I would like to start my day.

But, hey, some people may be into that kind of stuff and who am I to judge?

The company says it doesn't release your phone number and instead uses an anonymous and secure call service to connect callers, but their FAQ page raises a few red flags.

Here's an actual (unedited) screen grab from their site.


While the site makes their service will provide an "an energy boost" and that the resulting conversation will be "more stimulating than coffee", I think I'll stick to my caffeine fix for now.

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