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Hey! Bears! Leave Our Pizzas Alone!

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[I already used the one song I know about bears, so this will have to do. Sorry.]

Listen, bears (the animal kingdom sort, not the human kind). We need to come to an understanding. You're adorable when you're playing, driving cars, or stuck with a bucket on your head. You cannot eat our pizzas. We need them.

Andrea Lawrance is used to customers having growling tummies.

But this unexpected visitor had a bear-size case of the munchies.

Lawrance was washing dishes at Fat Tony's Pizza in Whistler, B.C. Monday night when a furry four-legged customer with a big appetite arrived about 7:30 p.m. for some grub.

"I was working with my friend Jorja and there was a bear outside on our garbage can," Lawrance.

She and co-worker Jorja Threlsall tried to close the door but decided to seek refuge behind the pizza racks as the black bear ripped apart the garbage can in front of them.

While they wondered whether the curious critter was going to cross their threshold, suddenly it wandered into the store to another garbage can inside.

But it turned out, it wasn't the garbage can it wanted after all.

This bear had its eye on the pie.

"It decided to climb on the counter and put its arms up and steal the pizza and started to eat it," Lawrance said, adding it could only get its front of its body up because it couldn't quite get a grip on the stainless steel.

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