Thursday, September 8, 2011

These Rattlesnakes Were Doing It in My Garden This Morning

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Oh really Jimmy Boegle? You think it's weird to roll into Tucson Weekly headquarters and find roadrunners getting it on? How about going out to water the tomatoes and finding two rattlesnakes getting busy?

I thought there was only one rattler in the garden until now. We had a ritual where I would water the cucumbers and he or she would slither away to hide under the palm tree. But finding them breeding made me realize I was about to have a snakeopolis on my hands, so I relocated them to the desert, where they continued their love affair.

Snake sex is amazingly beautiful, by the way. They stroke each other with their tails, rattles rattling away, and I think one of them was humming a Barry White song. Seriously though, very beautiful. I know it's a little weird, but I got a bit teary watching them, imagining how far they'd traveled and how hard they looked for each other. And they were so gentle with each other, so very gentle.

After I moved them to the desert they kept getting it on and on.
  • After I moved them to the desert they kept getting it on and on.

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