Thursday, September 1, 2011

Don't Sign a Permission Slip Letting Your School Hypnotize Your Kid

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I'm not sure if the English language site Colombia Reports is the most reliable source of information, but regardless, I'm always going to be interested in a story with the headline "Wicked warlock 'hypnotizes 75 school children'":

Colombian authorities captured the mischievous magician Thursday who allegedly hypnotized 75 schoolchildren in the southern Colombian village of Mocoa.

The unethical warlock worked his voodoo magic at a local school where he allegedly put the whammy on a whopping 75 pupils. According to the police the malicious man was apprehended with two of his henchmen, while other authorities were trying to assess the situation of the spell-bound schoolchildren.

The children had to be sent to urgent care in a nearby hospital and allegedly have not recovered from the bewitching brouhaha.

Outraged parents have asked authorities to permit the mesmerizing man to go to the hospital and bring the children out of their trance.

[HT: Univision]

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