Monday, August 22, 2011

Why Haven't You Entered Our First Pitch Contest?

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Remember this post on Friday? The one announcing our really awesome and fun First Pitch contest?

What happened, Tucson? I expected to come to work today to an inbox full of YouTube links, but no, none of you had the energy or ambition to shoot a video. This made me very sad. So sad that even a website full of photos of cats on scanners couldn't cheer me up. That's pretty sad.

Did you take a second to think about the prize? You can throw out the first pitch at a professional baseball game. How many of your friends have done that? I'm guessing zero. What currency do we have in this life other than unique experiences we can taunt our friends with? Why else would I bring up the Jeff Buckley concert I went to in 1994 in conversation so often?

Grab the semi-rotten cantaloupe from your fridge and throw it against a wall. I would like to be amused, but I would rather get some entries, so I can feel like I accomplished something. Help a blogger out, people.

The rules and other details are here. The contest ends Wednesday.

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