Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some "Big Government" Readers Don't Like to Read

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Considering I'm generally judged in my job performance by how many people come to the Tucson Weekly website, it's a positive thing when any article of ours gets mentioned by a national website. I personally might not have much use for Andrew Breitbart's chain of websites, but clearly, a lot of people read Big Government and the others, so in general, it's a good thing for me to see a post like yesterday's "A ‘Marxist’ Agenda Against a Freedom Center" commenting on Tim Vanderpool's "Freedom's Ring" from last week's issue. I think the anonymous author's conclusions are a little absurd, but we do write things to create conversation and discussion, right?

However, here's what's strange: while there are 51 comments on the Big Government site, there hasn't been that much traffic to the article itself. Since the Big Government article went up, there have only been 18 unique visitors to Vanderpool's story that came from the link inside the article. Even saying that maybe a few people came to the article later or from another source, there are still a lot of people commenting on the linking article without actually reading the source material. Certainly, I imagine the same thing happens at the Huffington Post or wherever liberals are going from caustic opinion pieces these days, but in general, it's a good thing to actually try to understand an issue before issuing your definitive take on the issue, right?

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