Friday, August 5, 2011

This Week in "Saved by the Bell" Nostalgia

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While by any reasonable standard, Saved by the Bell was a terrible television program, especially since the show's run means that we still have to be reminded of Dustin Diamond's existence every few months, it was one of the last shows that nearly everyone of a certain generation has seen. Now, with a million channels and another million other entertainment options, my kids won't likely have a show they feel such a connection to. Everyone around my age likely had a crush on Kelly Kapowski or Zack Morris, but in twenty years, I doubt my son will have conversations about iCarly, and if he did, half of his audience will likely have a blank stare on their face.

So, it's not entirely a surprise that two tributes to Saved by the Bell popped up online this week. Above, the cast of Final Destination 5: The Quest for More Cash Without Coming Up With New Ideas re-imagines the lighthearted wackiness of the teen TV show with a bit of their movie's accident driven gore.

If you're not in the mood to see someone comically decapitated, perhaps the 8-bit era recalling Saved by the Bell interactive game is more up your alley. While it resembles a somewhat shallow Choose Your Own Adventure more than anything, the game is an interesting use of YouTube:

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