Friday, July 8, 2011

Nothing That Fistpumps Lasts Forever

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Vinny already left the show and The Situation is apparently in and out of the season 5 (?) house in New Jersey...could this be the end of a show that no one could have possibly expected to still be on in 2011?

I can't lie: I really liked the show at first, mostly because I'll watch anything where people get drunk and do stupid things, I guess. However, the charm was mostly in how wildly unaware the cast were. They did on camera exactly what they would have been doing what they would have done any weekend on the Shore. Once they became famous and incredibly aware of that fame, it was just weird. Snooki as a brand was far less amusing than Snooki, a overly tan weirdo wearing slippers everywhere. I applaud the cast for getting as much out of their time in the spotlight as possible, but the fifteen minutes probably ran out a year ago.

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