Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Flankenstein’s Is No More

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Flankensteins: R.I.P.
  • Flankenstein's: R.I.P.
Good morning, Tucson. I am sad.

One of our best local food trucks, Flankenstein’s, is no more, and our roadside food scene is all the worse for it. From a July 3 post on the truck’s Twitter feed:

Flankensteins is closed due to unforeseen occurrences. Thank you for your support tucson

Having spent some time speaking with Pastor Guy and Alonso, I can tell you that their intentions were golden. They wanted to make good barbecue. They wanted to feed the homeless. They did it all humbly and with a little shout-out to their respective religious beliefs, which could’ve been sort of weird, but somehow, seemed to work.

But the restaurant business is a high-stakes game — even if your restaurant is on four wheels — and a slow summer can truly do you in.

Here’s wishing the Flankenstein’s guys the best of luck in whatever they do, and I hope we see your magnificent barbecue sauce slathered on some meat again soon.

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