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Twenty-Five Years Ago in the Tucson Weekly: "Dungeons and Dragons: Playing With Fire?"

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From the June 25-July 1, 1986, edition of the Tucson Weekly: "Dungeons and Dragons: Playing With Fire?"

“Many of the fantasy and role-playing games are smack in the middle of the occult, and that’s the truth,” says Jack Gracie. Gracie is the spokesman for Tucson’s Christian Awareness Fellowship, a “non-profit interdenominational Christian group primarily devoted to educating the body of Christ concerning the cults and the occult.”

“In these games, kids are taught how to invoke demons and thinks like that. And now it has gone beyond a game.”

Gracie explains how he sees the development of “Satanism” among game players.

“There is really nothing wrong with a certain amount of fantasy,” he says. “It can be creative. But eventually it goes beyond the role-playing games. It gets to the point wehre kids are learning how to kill each other. The game has bushed beyond the Ken and Barbie scene. This stuff is really evil.”

Tim Vanderpool, in a cover story exploring the hysteria over Dungeons and Dragons

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