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Get Ready for Christian T-Shirt Wednesdays

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Recently in the comment section, someone remarked that a post I put up was "Christian bashing," because I made a joke at the expense of some dumb aspect of evangelical culture—in that case, a terrible Christian pop singer with a flair for terrible metaphors. The strange thing about that comment is that I would still consider myself a Christian (even if maybe some inside the culture wouldn't) and I spent nearly all my youth in the belly of the evangelical beast, attending summer camps, going to Christian rock shows, etc. It's not that I want to "bash" Christians, it's just that so much of the culture that Americans have attached to Christianity sucks.

So, along those lines, prepare yourself for Wear It Wednesday, a movement to have Evangelical Christians everywhere to put on some sort of T-shirt themed to their faith. I suppose the idea is to make Christianity seem like the sort of thing everyone is doing, through the medium of terribly designed shirts that tweak popular culture themes in some way. In fact, the movement's website dares to consider the radical social effect wearing Christian T-shirts might create:

Imagine if you will, walking into a school on a Wednesday and seeing over half of the population wearing their faith. Would everyone be kinder to each other? What would the conversations be like? How many would ask to go to church on Wednesday evening with their friends?

Just to throw an idea out there, maybe it might be a better idea to just project your faith in some way that isn't wildly judgmental, shameless derivative, but actually compassionate, reflecting the teachings of Jesus in a selfless, positive way, right? A social experiment of caring about the welfare of others more than your own personal comfort and contentment seems like a better way to get "everyone to be kinder to each other."

Wait, that sounds too hard. Stick to the T-shirt thing.

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