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McClusky: Come to Court and Send Money

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With Ron Asta off the ballot, Shaun McClusky sent this letter out to supporters asking for a little help from his friends:

Letter To All Of My Supporters

It's down to this. Today a judge removed Ron Asta from the ballot due to insufficient signatures. On Tuesday, I go before the same judge to fight off a challenge launched by the Democratic Party to get rid of me as well. The heart of the challenge against me is based on a technicality, and I have retained John Munger as my legal counsel. Mr. Munger has told me that he is confident we will prevail.

But, honestly, I can't win-and we will hand this race to the Democrats' hand-picked candidate-unless you are willing to stand up and help me fight for you right now. We have a phone bank set up at the GOP headquarters (5447 E. 5th St) this Sunday from 1pm to 5pm. The purpose is to raise money needed to defend this lawsuit and start preparing for the general election.

I want, no, I need to see you there. If all of you—PCs in the Republican Party, my friends and supporters-aren't willing to stand behind me and put skin in the game, then I will have no chance to winning, no chance of changing the way we do business here in Tucson. In short, no way to help you.

In addition to calling and raising money, we'll be signing people up for future walks, phone banks, events and other activities to support my campaign. The Democrats who have run Tucson for the last 30 years have a lot to answer for, and I will call them to task for their waste, fraud and sheer incompetence. But my general election opponent has already raised over $200,000 using his inside connections downtown.

If you're willing to give up and leave Tucson in the hands of the same people who wasted a quarter billion dollars on Rio Nuevo, don't come. If you're willing to let them go on raising your taxes and handing the money out to their special-interest friends, don't come. If that's the case, I'll go home too, and we can all enjoy the air-conditioning this summer.

But if you're willing to fight like I am, be there. And if you can't be there, find another way to help me out. Skip that morning Starbucks and send me a few bucks. Call a couple of your friends and ask them to do the same. Send me an email ( and tell me what you're willing to do.

I need, I'm asking for your help now. Give me the chance to return the favor in spades come November.


Shaun McClusky

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