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Pamela Hale's Sand Spirits

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Tucsonan Pamela Hale, author of Sand Spirit Insight Cards and Handbook, will offer a mini-workshop on the purpose of the cards and how to best use them, from 1 to 3 p.m., Saturday, June 11, at Barnes and Noble, 7325 N. LaCholla Blvd.

The cards feature Hale's photographs of sand designs, each unique and created by nature. Interpretation of the cards can provide insight about your life. Hale says they were instrumental in helping her recover from breast cancer. Visit for more information.


From a press release:

Pamela Hale’s unique Sand Spirits Insight Cards (Through a Different Lens, $15.95, April 2011) are a visual tool that prompts people of all ages and backgrounds to greater understanding and inner awareness. Complete with an instructional booklet and 36 stimulating photographs in a linen-covered keepsake box, the Sand Spirits Insight Cards will help you:

• Discover your life purpose, power, and passion
• Awaken your creativity
• Facilitate your problem solving
• Reveal your power to heal yourself
• Inspire your dreams and goals
• Communicate your deepest feelings

Pam first discovered the Sand Spirits on a beach in Baja, Mexico, in 2000, where she witnessed a special combination of conditions: vibrant-colored stones, strong streaks of iron filings in the sand, and tidal patterns that trapped natural objects around the stones. She began visually framing these arrangements and while doing that, saw magical beings. Knowing that they were important but not yet understanding why, she spent four days photographing them.

Two weeks later Pam was diagnosed with breast cancer. She placed a Sand Spirit by her bed, which to her resembled an angel, and asked the spirit to bring protection during surgery, which Pam felt the spirit did. Pam’s photos continued to “speak” to her and became instrumental in her healing journey. At that point it became clear to her that she needed to develop a way for the Sand Spirits to speak to others as well. With their help, Pam also developed a methodology. Simple questions or prompts to approach any issue or problem and bring to the surface what might be invisible or buried. The Sand Spirits instructed Pam never to assign meanings to them. Every view is right.

Since then, people all over the world have used the cards to gain insight about life, work, love, and to help them better thrive physically, professionally, and spiritually. Useful for teachers, parents, therapists, and healing practitioners…experience the Sand Spirits magic yourself!

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