Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ayn Rand and Jesus: The Passion of Paul Ryan

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It sure is vogue lately for many a Republican conservative to get all gushy about their love for Ayn Rand, but Faithful America is challenging those who love the mother of objectivism to say they love Jesus, too.

From Faithful America:

Paul Ryan: Put Down Ayn Rand

What would inspire Republicans in the House of Representatives to vote to take away healthcare for the elderly and working families — all while protecting tax breaks for the wealthy — like they did just weeks ago?

Well, Paul Ryan, the author of the Republican plan, credits radical right wing author Ayn Rand as his inspiration to enter politics — and even gives copies of her books to his staff.

So what does Ayn Rand believe?

Altruism is evil.

The "weak" do not deserve love.

All religions, majority rule/democracy, and any regulations on capitalism should be destroyed.

Tell Paul Ryan to put down Ayn Rand.

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