Friday, May 27, 2011

Sorry, Kids: Miss Tiggy Winkles Toys Is Shutting Its Doors

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Sad news from Miss Tiggy Winkles Toys:

As many of you have observed the toy store has struggled in this challenging economy. Despite all hope a full recovery has not come. We have fought with all of our creativity and bravado for Mrs. Tiggy Winkles Toys. However we have come to the end of this road. The Tiggys realize that everything, even truly wonderful good things, have a beginning and an end. We don’t want to close our doors but we must. Rather than spending time spelling out the missteps and things that worked against us we would like to focus on the positive. We love you Tucson, especially when you wear a big red nose and ride around on a unicycle. You allowed us the space to be silly and different. We sprinkled you with fairy dust and sang out loud with you and when our town was windy we flew kites with you! There have been many memorable sword fights, tea parties, fairy festivals and toy invention workshops. Thank you so very much! Ours is a very special community and even as the Tiggy staff fold into new places in this town and go off on new individual adventures our time with you, as your ambassadors of silly, will be a badge of honor we wear.

We will be closing our doors in two weeks but we plan to appear at the Harry and the Potters Concert on June 11th at Hotel Congress and also at The Loft Cinema’s Children’s Film Festival for our final bow. If we could say just one thing it would be this, have fun! We have had so much fun and it has truly been an honor and privilege to get to laugh and dance and sing and occasionally make flatulent sounds with you.
We will have a closing sale starting today through the coming weeks. Bring a smile.

This is with all of our deepest Tiggy affection.
The Staff of Mrs. Tiggy Winkles Toys

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