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Bummer of the Week: Pulse Tucson to Close

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We covered the opening of Pulse Tucson in March, but unfortunately, the economics of the bar business haven't been kind to the ownership. They have a full schedule through Sunday, which looks to be their last night.

From their website:

Hello Everyone,

I feel it is necessary to write this letter to my friends, family and everyone who loves me.

Just over 8 weeks ago, I took possession of a bar and with tons of help from amazing people, we turned it into PULSE Tucson night club & show lounge. From the beginning, all we wanted to do was to give the community a choice of going somewhere beautiful, safe, clean and fun. I believe we achieved that! Plus, having one of the most diverse, amazing teams of employees that a man could ever ask for, we have started making a name for ourselves.

Unfortuatley, I have taken on something that I cannot sustain. With the monthly expenses being as high as they are & with some very expensive unforeseen repairs to the building, all of my working capital is now gone. This venture has nearly ruined me financially and has taken a toll on me emotionally. And, I cannot continue spending money that I do not have.

Yes, a portion of the community has been here to support us and enjoy what we have brought to them, but it is not enough and there is no more time. I wish things could have been different, but nothing in this world is guaranteed.

Having a home for all of the entertainers to come and hone their craft was an amazing thing to be able to offer. A place where ALL entertainers were welcomed and treated with respect. A place where the love just poured over everyone. A place where drag queens, drag kings, women, men, gay, lesbian, straight, bi, trans, queer, questioning & ally could all come and feel at HOME.

I know there are going to be some "haters" out there who are happy that Pulse Tucson could not make it. But, I am not defeated, I am going to come back even stronger than I was before. You cannot keep me down. I will always be here for my community...the WHOLE community.

There were 2 bar owners who made me feel completely welcomed into the bar community. They were Danny Scott from WOODY'S at 3710 N. Oracle Rd.(facebook is WOODYSTUCSON). And then Eddie Baeza from BRODY'S Tavern at 2449 N. Stone Ave. I would like to ask that the community support them, because they are friends of PULSE Tucson and friends of mine for life.

This week is our final week that PULSE Tucson will be open, so if you want to come see what we have done and support me for the last time in this location, please come have a burger, a drink and a bunch of laughs.

Larry Moore AKA Lucinda Holliday, Tucson, Arizona's Queen of Comedy

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