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Please Don't Associate Your Terrible Song With Our Congresswoman

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I've tried to promote projects of my own on occasion, so I'm at least somewhat sympathetic to the difficulty involved in getting media outlets to pay attention to something you'd given a lot of time and effort, but one general rule: don't use events you have absolutely no connection to whatsoever to promote your music. Also, a note to Steve Cooke: it's might be helpful to spell Gabrielle Giffords' name correctly if you're dedicating a song to her.

Please tell me this song isn't actually the beginning of a new "Era of Music," because if it is, I welcome the Rapture on May 21st.

STEVE COOKE sets the tone for Endeavour’s last space flight with dedication of his song "GRAVITY” to NASA COMMANDER MARK KELLY and his crew.

British artist Steve Cooke is dedicating his Hollywood Music and Media awards nominated song Gravity to NASA Commander MARK KELLY and his crew, his wife GABRIELLA GIFFORDS, and British explorer CAPTAIN JAMES COOK.

The star studded song is featuring members of Madonna, Seals and Adam Lamberts band. The commander for Endeavour's final flight, slated for this Friday, is veteran NASA astronaut Mark Kelly. Kelly is the husband of Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford, who is in a Houston hospital recovering from a gunshot wound to the head she received during tragic January shooting spree in Tucson, but her doctors have given her permission to attend the launch. “This is fantastic news” Cooke said.

The US Space Shuttle Endeavour is named after the famous British explorer Captain James Cook, who discovered New Zealand and Australia.

In 1779, while the American colonies were at war with Britain in their fight for independence, Benjamin Franklin said: “...treat the said Captain Cook and his people with all civility and kindness, . . .as common friends to mankind.”

The US is once again welcoming a “Cooke” with the same kindness and welcoming spirit as in times past.

Thus heralds a new Era of Music, with Steve Cooke’s new single and video: “Gravity”. And a new song for the space shuttle team while floating in space and watching us down here.

So lets light this candle at god’s speed for a safe return.

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