Monday, April 25, 2011

Thank You, Election Gods, For Marshall Home™

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Mayoral candidate (for now) Marshall Home™ visited the Drinking Liberally function at the Shanty last night, and while there's precisely zero chance that Home, who has apparently "trademarked" his name, will be Tucson's next mayor, I appreciate that he seems to be around specifically for my amusement. "Arizona Roadrunner" (really with the pseudonyms?) reported on the excitement for Blog for Arizona:

Regardless of his, shall we say, utilitarian Democratic affiliation, Marshall is what I would call an extreme idiosyncratic constitutitionalist; the sort of person who claims we are all sovereign citizens. He believes citizens are not subject to statutory laws or taxation (unless you are an employee of the government), in radically reduced government, that the Federal Reserve should be abolished, government debt is a fraud, and judges are merely administrators of the federal corporation FDR declared bankrupt as part of the New Deal. In other words, he is one of the those people who wholly rejects the legitimacy of the Federal government and the entire modern bureaucratic state, a.k.a. a nut. Nice enough fellow, but certifiably a nut.

Marshall claims to be a multi-billionaire. I very much doubt that this vast wealth exists outside his own mind and a slew of specious default judgments obtained through the very court system he considers corrupt and illegitimate. He claims to have made his vast fortune by forming partnerships with people who have debts and then proving those debts to be fraudulent and taking a fee for his service. In this way, he represents litigants before the courts without having to be an attorney.

He claims to have a series of $500 million dollar default claims against a series of Arizona public officials, including Brewer, Bennett, and Martin, totaling $3.5 billion. He admits that he considers these judgments as part of his estate. Marshall also claims to have a default judgment against the city itself for $5 million dollars: I guess he doesn't need to worry about drawing a salary if elected, he can just enforce his judgment. In short, reports of his personal wealth are exaggerated at best, and more likely wholly fictive. I look forward to his financial disclosure, if he actually gets that far.

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