Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sine Die: It's Over!

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The Arizona Legislature has wrapped up for the year. Here are the statements from leaders of both parties in the Arizona House of Representatives.

House Speaker Kirk Adams:

It’s fitting that the centennial Legislature rose to the great challenges before us in a way that the legendary Arizona leaders who came before us would be proud of. Rather than kick the can down the road, this Legislature proved that it is possible to balance the budget, create jobs and reform government and entitlements. These are tough decisions that required bold action — and we rose to the challenge.

House Minority Leader Chad Campbell:

This session should be remembered for controversial bills like the birther bill, the guns on campus bill and the bill to give the Tea Party its own Arizona plate. This legislation, all sponsored by Republicans, who have total control of state government, is a waste of time for the state, and that’s exactly what this session was. Arizona is still at a 9.5 percent unemployment rate, we’re still second in the nation in foreclosures and nearly last in the nation in education funding. None of that has been fixed and most of it has been made worse.

House Majority Leader Andy Tobin:

Our work to fix our economy, create jobs and reign-in spending does end today — but by making bold decisions over the last 100 days we are a giant step closer to brighter days for Arizona. The voters sent us here to make tough decisions, and together, we’ve worked hard to do just that.

Assistant House Minority Leader Steve Farley:

The sad part is that Republicans continue to tout their corporate bailout package, what they call a ‘jobs’ bill, although it doesn’t create single job in Arizona. Instead it gives away tax breaks to big, out-of-state corporations when they should be paying their fair share. It increases taxes on homeowners and continues to make Arizona fall behind the rest of the nation in economic recovery.

House Minority Whip Anna Tovar:

What Republicans and Gov. Jan Brewer have done this session negatively affects the quality of life of Arizona families. Due to their massive cuts to higher education, our kids won’t have access to good-paying jobs or be able to compete in the worldwide economy. It’s time that we get our money’s worth from government, elect responsible leaders and apply strict accountability measures to keep politicians in line at the capitol.

This week, Tucson Weekly has a feature on winners and losers in the budget; look for it online later today.

We'll be unpacking the rest of the session here on The Range and in print edition as the dust settles.

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