Monday, April 18, 2011

Can't Nobody Hold Al Melvin Down

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While I'm generally not too excited to link to this city's daily newspaper, when Al Melvin gets an outlet for his disjointed angry rantings, that's always a good time. Turns out while I think the Weekly still occupies the top spot on his media enemies list, it's encouraging to see that the Star is going to keep it competitive.

You lament the cuts that have been made and the fact that I did not pursue higher taxes as a solution to our state's budget woes. You suggest that letting criminals out of jail earlier would save us money. And you refer again and again to "the children" as victims of the budget that was passed, particularly in the area of education.

Your advocacy for liberal solutions is not a surprise.

You have endorsed my liberal opponents in every race I have ever run. You were a cheerleader for the big-spending policies of then-Gov. Janet Napolitano that dug the hole that Arizona now finds itself in.

You have a knee-jerk reaction against the education reforms that would provide parents with more and better choices for their children's education, denying them a better education for less money.

You ignore the inefficiencies that are present in our university systems that increase the cost of an education without improving the quality of that education. In many cases, these are expenses that often have nothing to do with the education of the students.

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