Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No "Mad Men" Until 2012, Maybe, If At All

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It's bad enough that 2011 will be a Mad Men-less year, but if "Let's re-run Goodfellas again tonight" cable network AMC and Matthew Weiner can't get a deal together soonish, someone else is going to create season five of Mad Men, which seems like a terrible idea.

Oddly enough, based on how the New York Times is reporting the negotiations, I think I'm siding with AMC here. The network is apparently offering Weiner $30 million to run the show for three seasons (a lot of money), but he won't sign because AMC wants to cut two minor cast members, drop the show time by two minutes to add more advertisements, and continue to include product placement. I get Weiner's insistence on artistic integrity, but it's probably important for him to also realize that the ratings for Mad Men are sort of terrible, so on that level, AMC is offering him a spectacular deal, paying him an obscene amount of money for critical, if not economic, success.

Take the money, Matthew! Give in a little! We need Mad Men back, and with you at the controls, instead of some other hack they can pay half your rate for 3/4 of the ability! [If anyone from AMC is reading this and looking for that sort of hack, get in touch. I'm available.]

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