Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Best/Strangest Comment of the Week

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We have a "Comment of the Week" feature in the print issue every week, but sometimes space limitations rule out some of the longer, more thought out reader missives which still deserve a special spotlight. This week, Frederick Rhodes (commenting on yesterday's post "Gov. Brewer to Attend Dinner Honoring the "Faith Based" President”), you have the floor:

Too bad Bush was not knowledgable about his faith in Jesus Christ. Otherwise he would not have been so easily fooled into promoting the covenant law be committed on Africans. He, himself was obviously suffering from the paranoid delusions caused from having been a victim of the forced ritual infant sexual trauma law. Non of this mess with Islam would have happened if Bush senior had not allowed his sons to become circumcised. The US is being run by mass paranoid delusional men, schizo-affects. US Christians are so mentally deranged because they have gone against the teachings of Jesus and allow the least of their brothers to become sexually traumatised as infants, tainting their future decissions.

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