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What to do About Oral Sex?

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In a recent USA Today, it was reported that head and neck cancers are on the rise, and experts think it has to do with an increase in the popularity of oral sex within the past few decades.

Blame probably starts with Deep Throat, during the era of key parties and such, before Nancy Reagan got hold of us and dared to whip our pathetic national butts.

The head and neck cancers on the rise aren't your normal head and neck cancers, but HPV-related (the human papillomavirus linked to ovarian and uterine cancers). Luckily, the article says these cancers are more treatable than the kind we get from smoking or drinking.

Read the story here. Oral sex takeaway:

The researchers also reported that cancers of the tonsil and base of the tongue have been increasing every year since 1973, and wrote that "widespread oral sex practices among adolescents may be a contributing factor in this increase."

The researchers concluded that in their study, oral sex was "strongly associated" with oropharyngeal cancer, but noted that they could not "rule out transmission through direct mouth-to-mouth contact" such as French kissing. ...

Meanwhile, people, especially younger people, need to realize that smoking is not the only risk factor for head and neck cancer. If you find a lump in your neck, even if you're only 20 or 30, "pay attention to it," Lydiatt said.

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