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New State Party Chairs: Cherny for Dems & Morrissey for GOP

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For all you political junkies looking for a fix this weekend:

Andrei Cherny—who made an impressive debut with a professional albeit unsuccessful run for state treasurer last year—has been elected state chair of the Arizona Democratic Party today. He defeated Rodney Glassman, who gave up his Tucson City Council seat last year for a longshot challenge against Sen. John McCain.

On the GOP side, the forces of the GOP establishment—including John McCain and Jon Kyl—were unsuccessful in their push to reclaim control of the Arizona Republican Party. Their guy—Ron Carmichael—lost the chairmanship race to Tom Morrissey, a conservative activist.

Morrissey mounted a last-minute campaign after Tucsonan Bruce Ash, who had been courting the Republican conservative base, dropped out of the race.

In recent days, a commenter on Sonoran Alliance claiming to be an ex-wife of Morrissey made a most unusual and detailed attack on his character.

The comment has since been deleted, but Morrissey posted the following defense:


From the desk of Tom Morrissey

My twenty years of honorable service as a United States Marshal, culminating as the Chief Deputy Marshal for Arizona, taught me that false charges must be answered decisively. Therefore, I will “cut to the chase.” With the exception of the fact that I have had unsuccessful marriages, including one that I had to place a restraining order, all other charges, innuendos and accusations recently placed by person or persons unknown in the Sonoran Alliance under the name of the above ex-wife who lives more than three thousand miles away, are totally and unequivocally false.

Just as Russell Pearce was attacked in 2006, Randy Pullen was the victim

of a false attack just before the 2004 State Convention and JD Hayworth was pilloried in the last Primary election cycle, this is another attack by the establishment machine not only to discredit a conservative competitor, but more distressing it is designed to discourage anyone from even thinking about going up against them.

The commenter who posted the false allegations seems to have very intimate knowledge of people who were not even politically active on the local political scene when my former wife last resided here nearly five years ago. How very ironic that this scurrilous attack occurred only hours after I announced as a candidate for Arizona Republican Chairman. Just the fact that these personal attacks have occurred against multiple other grass roots candidates over the last few years gives one adequate reason to suspect what is going on behind the scenes.

I have fought against some of the most hardened criminals in America during my years as a marshal and will not be intimated by these personal attacks. This is truly despicable behavior and makes me even more determined to stand up for all ordinary and conservative folks who want to save their country.

Thank you

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