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Take-Away From Tuesday's UMC Press Conference

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Lemole: Giffords is able to generate her own breath, but they're keeping the ventilator in.

Lemole: The care is up to her, and they are playing the care to her timeline.

Lemole: They are very encouraged that she is doing so well.

Lemole: Wants to underscore the seriousness of the injury.

Rhee: Brought in military health experts to consult Giffords' care.

The military physicians are discussing the quality of care and the seriousness of her condition.

Rhee: There are many people injured every single day, however there are many sides to this story.

Family members of the other victims are speaking now.

They're discussing the support and help they're received from the staff and law enforcement.

The husband of the woman (Susie?) who took Christina Taylor Green is speaking now about the support he has received from the city. His wife was hit three times by bullets and has a fractured hip.

Rhee: Giffords bullet likely went in the front and came out the back.

Daughter of Mavy Stoddard is telling the story of how Dorwan laid on top of Mavy to save her life during the shooting.

Husband of Susie is saying that his wife wakes from morphine crying to Christina, reliving the shooting. It's a terrifying description.

Susie had her breathing tube removed and her first question was about Christina. They told her the exact truth.

The daughters of Mavy Stoddard are telling the story of their mother's relationship with Dorwan. (Penny Wilson and Angela Robinson). One just said that she claims Dorwan as her "daddy". It's great to hear of something beautiful in the midst of a parade of difficult news.

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