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Jon Justice Responds to Dupnik Criticism

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Obviously, there are a million more pressing issues today, but here's an e-mail comment from KQTH FM 104.1 talk-show host Jon Justice in response to Dupnik's press conference editorializing about the polarizing role of talk radio.

Recognizing this is probably Dupnik's toughest day, and emotions understandable, Dupnik has focused on this belief in the past as well, and has singled out Justice, although he probably includes the likes of Glenn Beck in the mix as well. He editorialized at least twice, maybe three times, on the topic.

Here's the Justice e-mail response:

I feel incredibly bad for our brave Pima County Sheriff’s Officers who have to serve under Clarence Dupnik. Within hours of the horrific shooting that took place at the congresswoman’s event Dupnik was telling local media that talk radio and the media was partly to blame, only to repeat his statements again during the press conference that was receiving national attention. We have no idea at this point the motivation of this murderer’s act. Yet Dupnik took his moment in the spotlight to drive a political wedge into the event. They were reckless and dangerous statements made by someone who should have known better. He should have been using his time to help bring the community together. Instead his statements made Tucson appear to be a city full hate, bigotry and vitriol. To say, as Dupnik did, that comments made on the airwaves essentially motivated this person to commit this crime is exactly what he blamed talk radio of doing, inciting through pure rhetoric. It was complete misuse of his power and he owes the media in town, TV and radio, an apology for his horrible comments in the middle of such a tragic day. He should step down immediately from his position as Pima County Sheriff.

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