Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Don't Get Any Ideas, Adam Borowitz

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According to the food blog Eater, even the porn industry has taken an interest in the food-truck craze.

Borrowing the name from the famous LA food truck, The Flying Pig, Ron Jeremy is starring in this new porn flick.

I can just imagine the dialogue right now.

"Where are your condiments?"

"Condiments? Oh, you can get your condiments right here."

Cue porn music.

From Eater:

Seriously, we've heard of food porn and all, but this is ridiculous: actor Ron Jeremy is going to star (link NSFW) in an adult film called The Flying Pink Pig that parodies the food truck craze. So much so they almost completely duplicated the name and image of The Flying Pig, an actual food truck in Los Angeles that serves up Asian-Mexican food like pork belly bao and tamarind duck confit tortillas.

Ron Jeremy, however, is no stranger to food — in the past he's appeared in the Food Porn episode of No Reservations. Anyway, the film has puns abound: "And the food doesn't suck, but the girls sure do!" "Refills are free!" "Sloppy seconds are on the house!" Etc., etc. There also appears to be some sort of caper-esque plot that involves Jeremy trying to take over the Pink Pig.

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