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Conservative Blogger Only Person Still Watching 'Smallville'

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I admit that I didn't spend that much time thinking about the liberal influence in Hollywood this year, but based on the list of "The Top 10 Repulsively Liberal Hollywood Moments of 2010" on the Big Hollywood blog, it was out there.

Honestly ... the large number of digital entertainment options out there make any particular offensive voice less significant (two of the items in the top ten involve Bill Maher, a guy I phased out of my life years ago), but I'm not the media watchdog the author is, apparently:

With so many repulsively liberal Hollywood moments in 2010, where does one start? So many uninformed celebs ranting angrily about Fox News, Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin, Glenn Beck, and the Tea Party Movement, so little time. This was a tough year for liberal Hollywood A and B-listers. With their President Obama taking a swan dive in the polls and a real (not astroturf) grassroots citizens movement rising against him in a way only Frank Capra himself could have envisioned, movie and TV stars were on the progressive warpath in all ways petty, ignorant, and stupid.

10. Smallville’s last season. Yes, it’s a silly TV show but this is about the state of our uniquely American icon, Superman, and how flaky TV writers misused the character for political potshots this season. After making history as the longest-running comic book based series in television history (10 seasons), “Smallville” writers finally let loose and began idiotically tossing in anti-conservative insults. Case in point: this season’s “Smallville” villain is a conservative radio talk show host taken over by the supernatural forces of hate and fear.

Maybe it wouldn’t be quite as annoying if the lightweight writing of the show were better.

The rest of the list, including two "Dancing with the Stars" mentions, can be found at Big Hollywood.

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