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Note to Jan Brewer: Drop the Foreclosure Metaphor in Future Speeches

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While it doesn't appear there's anywhere online where one can hear Gov. Brewer's acceptance speech in its entirety [update: Phoenix's ABC 15 posted the raw video], the Phoenix New Times' Paul Rubin has an interesting take on the seemingly extended-pauseless affair:

"Tonight the calvary has come riding over the hill," she started, which sounded more palatable than saying that the Mexican cartel has scaled the danged fence to behead our fair and noble citizens..

"Tonight we foreclosed on a house — the one that used to be run by Nancy Pelosi," spitting out the outgoing House Speaker's name like the Wicked Witch of the Southwest.

Running with the tacky foreclosure schtick—and not to ruin the good vibes by invoking the name of W, short for George W. Bush, under whose historically disastrous watch the home repo rate in Arizona and nationally ran amuck—she spoke of foreclosing a little joint on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where a fellow named Obama currently resides.

Brewer got weirder as she continued.

"We know what we are and what we are not," she said, and "we are not the subjects of an arrogant and overbearing government."

No, we are the subjects in Arizona of an arrogant and overbearing government for whom children, education, mental health, and anything under the rubric of "social justice" are at the very best an afterthought for the Legislature and this governor.

Brewer made a passing reference to "phony scandals and smears and other artificial things," by which we figure she meant the stuff about her criminally insane son Ronald, that slipping out of a DUI incident from some years back, and the quirky (still unsure about this one) thyroid health issue.

But then it was back to placing our faith "in a loving God" (and in his ability to get those activist SOBs who, God forbid, interpret standing case law), to follow the good old "rule of law" (contradiction in above two comments duly noted), and to take advantage somehow of those unspecified "treasures left by our forefathers."

The weirdness was in full force by now.

"It's just a cause worth living for," the governor said about something to do with American principles, if only because our military heroes have found that same cause "worth dying for."

Janice Brewer, who ascended to the top job when Governor Janet Napolitano took the Homeland Security slot in D.C. after Obama assumed the presidency (doesn't that seem so long ago?), finished with this:

"Let's go together and surprise the world with what we can do."

Listen ... I get it: A lot of people really dislike Obama. But at this point, I'd really like to see Arizona run effectively, and the constant drumbeat regarding national politics from a stack of state office holders is a little disconcerting. I like to champion nebulous ideas like "liberty" as much as anyone, but I also would like to have schools to send my kids to that are safe, and have technology that reflects this decade instead of the last one. I'd like to feel like Arizona is a place where I can pursue a career and be able to sell my house someday, and have someone want to buy it. I'm a little sick of my friends having to leave the state to pursue opportunities that aren't in Arizona now and might never have been. I'm sick of having to consider that sort of move myself.

After hanging out with Pima County Democrats last night, I'm definitely not particularly convinced they have any sort of plan to accomplish my possible selfish goals, either, but it would be nice to hear someone who won last night say they were ready to get to work, that they realize this state is a hot political and economic mess, and that they're going to risk their own political future to try to fix things, even if that's unpopular. Talking about the future doesn't help me at all, and a governor who seems to care more about who succeeds Obama (despite taking credit for a number of projects in the last month that have been funded by his stimulus money) than what legacy will succeed her doesn't do much for me, either.

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