Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jimmy McMillan, We'll Miss You (A Little)

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In case you hadn't noticed, today is Election Day. That means decisions will be made across the country that will change the course of our collective history. Also, the novelty candidates that briefly entertained us will likely fade back to wherever they came from.

And no novelty candidate was quite as novel as Jimmy McMillan running for governor of New York as part of the Rent Is Too Damn High party. He was a man with a message, and while he'll be a footnote in this election, he's making the next logical move for his career: releasing a largely rent-themed album.

The album as a whole is a little better than that track, but still the whole project is a significant step down from Jimmy's 70's heyday, when he had a brief run on the R&B charts as Jimmy Mack.

Again, Arizonans...can we find more amusing candidates for the next round of elections (and no, Rodney Glassman doesn't count)?

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