Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fun With Fan Mail

Posted By on Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 3:30 PM

On Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 3:05 PM, Skip Dotson wrote:

I am surprised that someone could obtain a job such as you have with the obviously low intelligence you demonstrate in every piece of literary trash that you publish. You are never objective. You can only spout hate and promote corruption in government. You never print the truth.Rep. Grijalva is now an embarrassment to his own party as a congressman. He promoted publicly a boycott of Arizona at a time when upholding and speaking for HB 1070 would probably have insured his reelection. Something that neither you nor Rep Grijalva can grasp is that most Hispanics do not want illegal immigration and illegal drugs coming here from across our borders. He has been the most liberal member of the House and his constituants have awakened. We are not ready for his socialist voting record.

You obviously support his minority positions with all of the issues facing the nation at this time. You and Rep. Grijalva have, fortunately for the citizens of CD-7, picked the wrong side of the issues and will face defeat tomorrow. We do not all vote because of one issue. illegal immigration. The Hispanic population cannot all be fooled by the likes of Rep. Grijalva and his promoters like you. In a position such as yours, you have the opportunity to speak the truth and people will listen. When printing such trash talk such as you do, credibility is lost with your audience and you have unwittingly energized the base of the opposition party and changed the minds of the voters in Rep. Grijalvas party. Had you espoused Rep. Grijalva's virtues and attributes, such as speaking the truth and being positive about him, he might have had a chance, but he has not and could not run on his voting record. By printing such trash talk as you have done about Ruth McClung you are only showing your bias and losing credibility at the same time. The voters in CD 7 are infinitly smarter than you give them credit for and can see through your blatant attempts to demonize an obviously intelligent and articulate candidate. Again, you lose credibility and apparently are not intelligent enough to realize your mistake.

Skip, thanks for doing your patriotic duty of fanning the flames. In return, here is a video to continue to inspire you on Election Day:

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