Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Andrei Cherny: 'Tonight We Came Up Short'

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E-mailed message from Andrei Cherny regarding his campaign for State Treasurer:

A year and a half ago, I began an incredible journey when I announced my candidacy for State Treasurer on the Capitol lawn. I was determined to stand up for all the people who had played by the rules but were getting the short end of the stick due to economic policies that allowed “the whispered voices of a few figures in the Capitol to drown out the needs of Arizona families.” And in the midst of the worst economic downturn in our history, I believed we needed a Treasurer who would help “transform our economy, make our state a synonym for innovation and entrepreneurship, and give Arizonans a government that works, that works in different ways in these different times, and that works its hardest for those that are working their hardest.”

Surrounded by hundreds of friends, I didn’t stand alone that day — and I never have in this campaign. Together with you and so many others, we did something remarkable that no one would have predicted when we set out: we built a real movement for change. Hundreds of volunteers made phone calls and knocked on doors. Thousands took part in over 100 house parties in every part of Arizona. We ran an ideas-based campaign with real solutions to turn our economy around. The principles we spelled out on that first day of the effort were what we campaigned on the last day eighteen months later. In a terrible economy, we raised more money than any other non-Governor statewide campaign in Arizona history — and what I’m proudest of is that we did it because of over 3,800 individual contributions of which the vast majority were $100 or less. Words can’t begin to express how grateful I am to all the volunteers, friends, family, supporters, contributors, and hard-working staff members who made this amazing campaign happen.

But tonight we came up short. Even a campaign as strong as ours, just couldn’t swim fast and far enough to get clear of the political tidal wave that engulfed the nation and especially Arizona. I hope no one will feel sad for me. Tomorrow morning, I’ll wake up as Stephanie’s husband and Ben and Belle’s dad and that makes me the luckiest person I know. I’ll always remember pulling into Winslow late on a cold Halloween night to find our supporters waiting for us on the 24-hour tour. I’ll always be honored by the support of Representative Jim Kolbe and so many others who reached out across party lines for a better future. And I’ll always feel an obligation to all those who told me they were giving our campaign $5 or their time or simply their precious vote because they needed new leaders who would stand up for them and their families.

That duty continues for all of us. I think often of the words of an old Scottish ballad:

I may be beaten,
But I am not slain.
I’ll sit me down and rest awhile
And then I’ll fight again.

We lost today, but our fight goes on. The next time around I may not be leading the charge, but if you’re out there swinging for opportunity and justice and a government that works its hardest for those that are working their hardest, look over your shoulder, I’ll be right there by your side.

This bulldog still has plenty of bark.

Thank you so much,

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